Proactive Monitoring: The Future of Analytics in Enterprise Governance



In a rapidly changing business environment with a new administration establishing its agenda, the use of data analytics is becoming the focal point of Enterprise Governance. Regulators and enforcement officials will require organizations to use best-in-class data analysis to identify and address risks across their business. Leaders are using information to shift away from reactionary behavior towards proactive approaches to prevent, detect and respond to fraud, waste, and abuse across the organization. The ability to leverage real-time monitoring, predictive models, and machine learning can help organizations to take the offensive and prevent these behaviors before or during their onsets, rather than dealing with the ramifications of investigations, litigation and remediation after the fact.

Our panel of Forensic investigators and experts will discuss the future state of Enterprise Governance, tangible examples of the use of data analysis, and how industry leaders combine data with automated technology to dramatically improve their processes, controls and insight into what is happening in their businesses. Join us as we tackle these concepts and help you understand how to prepare your organization for the future of Enterprise Governance.

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  • When

    Thursday, March 18, 2021
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    Eastern Time

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